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not sure but think I may be in the wrong place, I ask yesterday if someone could give me a formula for a running total in works suite database 2004. making a client database for a friend and have forgotten formulas I used. the columns or names as well have letter like cost is I tax is J running total is l I got the formula for the cost and tax to go in total column K. Someone did answer the question but not quite what I was looking for I need a formula to keep a running total that you don't have to put in every column all the way down. I know there is a way because I had made on for myself a long time ago and it worked fine. can anyone help me. Im sending a pic as you can see the other columns work fine. but running total does not all I put for the others is =cost+tax but that one is simple to just add the coast to the tax and put it in total colum.

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have you tried asking on Excel community too?