Offline files issue on windows 10 & server 2019

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Having problems with offline file. 


I have them enable on user profile so users can have their desktop anywhere. That hasn't been the issue.


The problem I been having is mapped drives keep syncing when I don't want them to. I told the server not to sync offline files from the file share  via server 2019 & via GPO. When I delete the user profile and redownload it, works fine until a day or 2 I get helpdesk calls saying Users can only see some files from Mapped drive. 


I am running out of Idea's, the system was fine till end of July. Users normally access their map drives via VPN.


If I type the address path \\servername\sharedname works fine no issue. 


Please can you advice me?

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Had some ask me to check this and you can see in the cache not to sync offline

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