Office documents in Windows 10 timeline saved on onedrive open in browser instead of office app

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I like windows timeline but I am facing a really annoying thing with office documents saved on onedrive. When I click in timeline on these documents they open in browser instead of office app.


* For other types of documents (pdf) they open properly in PDF application.

* For office documents saved in other locations they open properly in office application instead of browser.


How can I change this behaviour?




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I see the same behaviour, which appears to be new since 1809.
Same problem here. Supremely annoying, making Timeline virtually useless as all our files are in OneDrive

Same here. I have sent feedback, but nothing seems to be happening.

Same problem here. Can't find any setting or resolution. Hope they fix it soon because Timeline was useful but now useless.

Same problem here since installing 1809. Feedback provided via Feedback Hub didn't prompt any feedback. Timeline was a useful Windows feature - pity 1809 broke it.

Its now seven months later and I still have this problem.  It makes using MS timeline a waste of time.  :)

Is there a fix for this?
I'm currently on 1903 and I still have this issue
I'm seeing the same behavior on Windows insider fast ring build 19018.

This wasn't always broken, but it is definitely broken now!


I submitted a bug via Win10 Feedback.

Same issue - really annoying and still not fixed.

I find the same problem, PLEASE Microsoft, fix this!

Came here hoping for the fix. Leaving disappointed

Still nothing :(? It makes the timeline feature useless for me...