Not able to delete a file on patch upgrade.

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Hi I have few files which need to be deleted in patch upgrade. 

So I have added there files in RemoveFile table in .ism file.

So File table looks like:



I have correctly added the dir property and component in the table. When I apply the patch, two of the files are deleted and the third file(AccessibilityChecker.swf) is not deleted. I am also getting following error for the third file which is not deleted.


MSI (s) (F4:00) [16:17:49:534]: WIN64DUALFOLDERS: Substitution in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Experience Manager Forms Designer\EN\Macros\AccessibilityChecker\AccessibilityChecker.swf' folder had been blocked by the 1 mask argument (the folder pair's iSwapAttrib member = 0).


Any idea why this happens?

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