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No IPv6 inside WDAG, Sandbox and Hyper-V - Windows 10 Pro, v 1909

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Hi everyone! Thanks for reading this!

I have tested my IPv6 connectivity on my Windows 10 Pro v1909 using  and I have IPv6 available on my machine. It reports 10/10 tests ok. Nice!


However, when I repeat the same test inside Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) for Edge and Windows Sandbox I am informed that I have no IPv6 at all.


To make matters worse, I have installed Hyper-V. I have created an Hyper-V Virtual Switch, type "external",  which "wraps" the wifi net adapter. The result: the first test which reported ok now reports no IPv6 at all. Of course, WDAG and Sandbox continue to report no IPv6.


As one might expect from above scenario, my Virtual Machine (another Windows 10 Pro v1909 run via Hyper-V and the aforementioned external vSwitch ) sees no IPv6 at all. 


The only thing I have tried to solve the problem was to enable Routing and Remote Access, setting it to Automatic and Automatic (delayed start). No luck.


Nonetheless, IPv4 continues to work fine (otherwise I would not be able to create and type this thread!).


If anyone have any idea I would be glad to hear.

Thanks for your attention.




Addendum: for further details, please have a look at my post on the following thread:

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