News and Interest: text scale problem

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Build: 21354

Any value equal to or greater than 103% causes News & Interest to display 1 column and not 2

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Hi, I mean that it would be better if the jump was only at 110% of the screen scale? Such display changes are appropriate because the magnification would make it impossible to read 2 columns because the screen would not fit them! I do not see a problem here such behavior is correct . Thank you very much
Thanks. But with me the problem happens with any percentage starting at 103%. I had already tested it with 110% and other higher values.
So this scaling is not correct for a large jump in magnification, what resolution do you have video card?is probably introduced to high resolution, but I do not know.

Hi I'll add your screenshot of the stable version at high contrast and high magnification and for me it's OK! And scaling throughout the system I have enlarged = it provides more productivity and I do not have to use the mouse to precisely hit the right functions, and especially with important actions and settings in context . Windows allows such solutions and that's what's great about it! Good luck Andrew

Automatic translation makes a change to my language Polish - when I edit I have to check how I share Very sorry = I was often convinced that I share in English, it was my mistake I have to pay attention to it! All the time we are wrong sometimes we make mistakes looking for other reasons important to admit the error and apologize! Thank you