Never ending Windows10 video issues

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This is a problem which is on going since Windows10 was released and after several years it still has not been resolved. Windows development is a real tragedy. Whoever sets the Windows roadmap is really blind and missing the most important factors, making sure that every newer version of the OS is worse than the previous.

Here is the problem:
I use 3 x 4K monitors with single Nvidia card. Running Win10-Pro.  Whenever I leave the PC unattended, the windows (and sometimes the icons on the desktop) get relocated to Monitor-1.
My setup is like this:
LEFT-Monitor-1 MIDDLE:Monitor-2 RIGHT:Monitor3.
My main screen and menu is set up for Monitor-2 (only).
When PC goes to sleep and wakes up everything is relocated to Monitor-1.  I then have to move those windows where I want them and a few hours later when I step away the whole proves repeats. It drives my nuts beyond imagination and is such a huge waste of time and energy.

I am 40+ yrs IT veteran, with some web/desktop development experience. I cannot imagine that Microsoft really ignores this problem. I've searched multiple forums in the past and tried to find a solution, but no luck. While some people having this issue were able to fix it by  different methods (workarounds) I am still dealing with this trash!

It doesn't seem to be so hard to implement a feature which would memorize window position (including monitor number) and restore that position upon request. There are millions of users using 2 or more monitors these days and I have seen this issue not only on my computers but many others.

I WOULD LIKE TO ASK MICROSOFT HERE (if anybody from the company monitors the posts)


I have had a Remote Technical Support session few days ago with "MS-Tech.Supp, Rep.) I wasted 2 hours with him and got nowhere :(  as they only updated my Nvidia drivers.

If somebody has any idea how to deal with this or has some workaround I would appreciate any help.
PLease do not advise me to install Window11 (trash) I will certainly not do it.

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