Network computers not displaying in Win 10

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I have a simple problem but, after hours of trying, cannot seem to solve it: I have two almost identical laptops running the same (latest) Win 10 on my home network.  I also have two NAS devices on the network.  In File Explorer under Network all 4 devices are displayed on one PC, but the other only shows itself. 


How do I get the other network computers to show on the second PC?  I have checked and all of the settings under Network and Sharing Center/Advanced sharing settings are identical on the two laptops.


Thanks in advance

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Hi @GeoffD33 

Please confirm that the the network discovery option is enabled on all computers.
It might be a configuration issue with firewall’s permission, check the below services are allowed for private and public network.
-File and Printing Service
-File and Printing Service over SMBDirect