My Win10 update 20H2 is 5 times slower than before...

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I use Gmail, Google, Chrome, Candy Crush...


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Hello @HuggySW


Suggest you to run System File Checker scan:


1. Search for 'command prompt' using Cortana or Windows Search.


2. From results, right click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.


3. Type sfc /scannow command and press Enter key.


4. Let the command complete and then reboot the machine.


If issue still persists, perform clean boot:


See if it makes any differences.


Would you mind clarify your issue.

Do you mean, updating Windows installer was slower?


After you installed updates, your PC becomes slower?



After installed updates(20H2) system became slow...


I have an old laptop with an AMD Dual-Core E-350 CPU...  Now it idles at 30% plus of the CPU...





Looks like I got an update, and now everything is back to normal operation...

Thanks, if you had anything to do with it...!!!




Glad problem have been solved.

Windows team regularly evaluate products and review feedbacks and log files to improve it and they release updates to fix issues and improve system quality.

That is why installing updates are very important.


As it turned out it was a VIRUS that did the slowdown, sorry...




Did you manage to remove the virus?

You may run a full system scan with Windows Defender.

I am fed up with these basic instructions for any symptoms? At the end just refresh and reinstall! Really? How many times?
Sorry but even i understood the issue
Thank you for letting us know
Not sure what you means.
However, first we need to see if the performance is related to network or the computer or application and most users are not sure where is the performance issue. Slow loading of a website due to the website maintenance or slow system boot up are both performance issue but they are different issues.
Several stuff might lead to the performance issue and that is why I asked users to clarify the issue to identify the cause of it and guide the user correctly.
Thanks Mr Ameri, I guess he meant his laptop or pc since the installation of 20h2 has gone slow to boot as well as generally slow to react all internally ie no website no internet related at all. I’ve had similar problem hence my visit to your website to find solution. However your previous response regarding further update was spot on. I’m good now. Thanks Agha Ameri keep up the good work
It was initially question about being slow and not specify what causing the performance issue. I observed a behavior of slow connection after updating and it was due to network driver and in other scenario, sometimes after the Windows Update, other drivers and applications would doing updates and this might cause the performance issue too. Like I said, we need to see what is the root of issue before start troubleshooting.
However, I am glad your issue have been solved.
Hello, I faced the first problem.. While updating it took a whole night but it did update... I feel there is a problem with it... The laptop.. Can you clear this situation as to what happened?
Try running Windows Update troubleshooter from Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters. See if it helps you. 

Why does this update take so ridiculously long? And it's not the first one to do this. Most of the time the computer is on idle not doing anything. It's not frozen as the percentage will creep up every 30 mins. See this on many machines. There is no reason 1 update should take 8 to 10 hrs. Especially when most of the time the PC is doing nothing. Can install Windows 10 from scratch on a formatted drive in under 30 mins on a slow pc. Microsoft really drops the ball. These are clean business machines with very few apps installed. Maybe just office, QuickBooks and chrome.