My system is randomly rebooting, can any of you guys help me debug the dump file? Thanks in advance.

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Loggnavn: System
Kilde: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Dato: 10.09.2018 00.51.44
Hendelses-ID: 41
Nivå: Kritisk
Nøkkelord: (70368744177664),(2)
Bruker: SYSTEM
Datamaskin: DESKTOP-TJR7JK8
Systemet har startet på nytt uten å avslutte på riktig måte. Denne feilen kan oppstå hvis systemet uventet har sluttet å svare, krasjet eller mistet strøm.
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-09-09T22:51:44.371630900Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="8" />
<Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
<Data Name="BugcheckCode">30</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter1">0xffffffffc0000005</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter2">0x0</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter3">0x8</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckParameter4">0x0</Data>
<Data Name="SleepInProgress">0</Data>
<Data Name="PowerButtonTimestamp">0</Data>
<Data Name="BootAppStatus">0</Data>
<Data Name="Checkpoint">0</Data>
<Data Name="ConnectedStandbyInProgress">false</Data>
<Data Name="SystemSleepTransitionsToOn">0</Data>
<Data Name="CsEntryScenarioInstanceId">0</Data>
<Data Name="BugcheckInfoFromEFI">false</Data>
<Data Name="CheckpointStatus">0</Data>

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There are ways of courseto dig deeper into this but start with some common things:


How often and when do this occurs?

Have you started in safe mode? Working?

Try uninstall/reinstall the graphics drivers and/or the network drivers


/ Adam

Hello Adam and thanks for the reply :) 

It started about 3 weeks ago after i tried to update my bios, but i rolled back to the Bios i had, but it doesent seem to help much.

I tried to reinstall graphics drivers and network drivers. 

The machine boot up without problems, but sometimes it can stay on for a day or 2 before it reboots, and sometimes it reboots several times a day.

Its just getting a bit frustrating , lol. Im thinking of maybe just do a fresh install of Windows 10 and see if it helps.

Best regards


Hi! You have to evaluate the situation! Sometimes it’s just faster to reinstall, if you don’t have any restore points..than lose hours by troubleshooting! Hopefully it’s not a hardware issue and a reinstall will probably solve it then!
If you want I can help you further by analyzing your log files but I won’t have time for a few days unfortunately....

Please evaluate the effort you have put into reinstall applications on the computer, and moving data and so on, compared to the time it can take to troubleshoot!
Reinstalling is a way of troubleshooting though..if it’s still crashing, you know it’s probably a hardware issue then :D

Hey again and thanks for a quick reply :) 

Yeah i have most of my games etc on seperate discs , so it will be fast to reinstall windows.

I kinda feel like i should try that to rule out any software related issues.

I have ran memtest for 6 hours without any errors coming up, and i cant see any conflicts or missing drivers in the device manager, so im kinda baffled what it could be causing this problem.

My PSU is pretty new, its an Corsair HX1200 so i hope its not that one dying on me, as it replaced a busted AX1200i 1 1/2 years ago.

Anyways, i have tried to fix some registry settings , so ill wait and see until tomorrow if its restarted or not, and i`ll get back to you Adam :)

Thanks for the help so far tho, really appreciate it.


Hey Adam, after much troubleshooting and agony i finally found the culprit :) 

It was a busted PCI-E soundcard that was faulty. I dont know how, but for some reason it **bleep**ed up the power delivery between my gpu`s which caused the random shutdowns. I removed it , and my system is running great again, no reboots or sluggishness in games.

Just wanted to post it here, so if anyone who runs into the same problems might try to remove their soundcard :) 

Thanks for your replies and help man, much appreciated .