My pc can’t load into the desktop

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So I’ve not used my pc that I bought 2 months ago for about 24-36 hours and when I turned my pc on there was nothing but a black screen and when I move my mouse, the cursor shows up and then has a loading symbol and then disappears and sometimes it will show with the loading symbol by itself and then disappear. I can’t load enter safe mode either. When I restarted it a couple times after (I’ve restarted it about 15 times total) I got an error message that showed up for about a second and then disappeared and back to the black screen where nothing was happening.
I honestly do not know what to do and I have a online class tomorrow as well as all my work being saved on my pc so please helppp!

The error code is this:
“The system detected an overrun of a stacked based buffer in this application. This overrun could potentially allow a malicious user to gain control of this application”
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Any help at all is appreciated!

there is a post about this in Answers community:

and apparently you can ignore that message, but don't think it's true in you case.

can you access Windows recovery mode?
here is how to do it:

if you can't use any of those methods, here is how WinRE starts automatically.

after detecting the following issues:

  • Two consecutive failed attempts to start Windows.
  • Two consecutive unexpected shutdowns that occur within two minutes of boot completion.
  • Two consecutive system reboots within two minutes of boot completion.
  • A Secure Boot error (except for issues related to Bootmgr.efi).
  • A BitLocker error on touch-only devices.


once you go there, you will have the option to start Windows in Safe mode and more methods to recover your Windows, such as the startup automatic repair.


let me know how it goes