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Hello !

Probably your newest novice here.

I am using a Dell Desktop.

When it left the factory the C Drive  had a negligible amount of space used up from its 900 Gbs of storage on the C Drive

I recently bought an external Hard Drive so that I could transfer my Data across to it as a preparation for changing my operating system.

Everything I have got or done is on the Hard Drive 

BUT....When I copied it, roughly 3-400 Gbs were transferred.

This leaves 100 to 300 Gbs still on the Hard Drive.

It isn't my data and it wasn't there when the computer left the factory.

Can anyone at all enlighten  me as to what it is that is using up so much of my C Drive ?

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Hello @Sam_Waylen1875,

If you want to know what data is on the disk such as size, files and location it is good to use a tool that will discover them.

I personally use SpaceMonger and it does great job, but there are many other tools that do the same job.