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I like to read MSN News articles and then leave comments underneath the article. Suddenly I am unable to access the comments sections at all.

Also, I received email alerts when anyone replied to me. Then I click on their reply and go straight in to answer them. Now I am unable to do this at all. 

It is as if I have been completely blocked by MSN. No explanations. what could be the ploblem?

How do I overcome it? Just using Edge and Winsows 10.

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I checked my browser settings and that made no difference. I tried InPrivate browsing and that appeared to work but was not 100%, maybe the messages I could not access were replies to me that had been deleted by the moderator in which case I would see them in my email but they would not be in MSN comments. I tried a different laptop that did not have any changes to it and that worked fine except for  replies to myself which had been deleted by the moderator for policy violation - nasty right wing rabble in this country now. That told me the problem was on the original laptop; the only 2 changes I had made were with Windows 10 update and changing my antivirus software. I bet it is the Anti-virus software.