Msinfo32.exe not able to open .nfo files

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Hello, being a first timer I hope I found a proper subcategory for my post.


Does msinfo32.exe have any known problems that still require fixing?


I have encountered quite enormous difficulties providing an .nfo file to the 3rd party vst plugin manufacturer who requested it for troubleshooting reasons. Whenever I create a system information file with msinfo23 (using save as) I´m not able to open the newly created file with msinfo32 and the plugin manufacturer´s customer service can´t either. I get a notification "System information cannot open this .nfo file. the file may be corrupt or incompatible with this version of the information system."


Today I had two chat and remote sessions with Microsoft customer service. Some registry issues were fixed in my laptop, but the problem with the msinfo32 persisted. The second customer servant concluded that msinfo32 isn´t able to handle big enough files (my .nfo:s being ~3600 kb). Is this a known issue?

Out of curiosity I opened the .nfo file in When I asked the viewer to validate the xml code it showed some errors:
It seems that there could be tag name missing for example on the line 176: there are only empty brackets <> and </>. I´m not very familiar with XML, but could this have something to do with msinfo32 seeing the .nfo file incompatible/corrupted?

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