moving my windows 10 hard drive to a windows 7 desk top


i was a windows 10 beta tester at the end of the beta Microsoft gave me windows 10 for free , that computer is way past its time , i am now into gaming and a friend of mine gave me his gaming computer but his hard drive has windows 7 and Linux on it, so my ? is can i install my windows 10 hard drive in the windows 7 computer iv been told that i can not do this , they said it wouldnt boot up or i would loose info or worse, but iv been told i can and there will be no problems because windows 10 is the alfa and it would install and boot just fine can any one help me its real important because not only my personal stuff but all my Xbox 360 games from Microsoft are also on this drive and i dont want to loose any of those PLEASE oh ya when it comes to software im lost and its vary confusing to me Thank you much

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