Moved Windows folders still appear in the Users folder

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I just moved a few folders from my C:\Users\Steve folder to a folder on my D: drive. I did this using the Location tab on the properties of each folder. The folders moved without issues. I expect to see that the moved folders will appear at their new location and be gone from the old location.


The folders that I moved were Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads, Documents and 3D Objects.

If I select my Personal Folder from the icon at the bottom of the Start menu, I see what I expect. If I use Explorer to go to C:\Users\Steve I also see what I expect.


If I select "Steve" from the quick links menu on the left side of Explorer, the folders that I moved are still there. The Location tab on each of the icons properties does show the location on D:, but I don't expect to see all these files/folders from multiple locations gathered together.


Why is this happening? Is it normal? How do I distinguish "C:\Users\Steve" from "Steve Norton" in the Explorer? Where does "Steve Norton" exist on the computer?

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