Micrsoft Edge unable to download files after updating to 1709

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Hello All,


After updating to the Fall Creator's Update (1709), I have been experiencing a problem with the Microsoft Edge browser.  After a period of time, you can no longer download files from a website in Edge.  When click on a URL to download a file, the dialog box appears at the bottom of the browser as expected, but the buttons to Open/Save/Save As do not work.  You can sit there all day and click away. Clicking on Cancel or "X" will close out the dialog box. Closing the browser and clearing the cache does not resolve it. The only resolution is to restart Windows.  Experiencing this on Windows 10 (1709) Pro and Enterprise.  Other browsers are unaffected.  I have had no software changes.  Did perform a Reset on one Windows 10 Pro device and it returned a few days after.


Anyone else run into this?  Any resolutions?  It's getting annoying to switch browsers to just download a file and sometimes I need to Edge to run certain apps from Office 365.

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Yes, I've had the same issue with at least one PC.  Doing the reset of Edge from Windows Settings resolves the issue briefly, but it continues to return.  Another machine that has updated now seems to have the same issue with IE.  Firefox has been our fallback.  No permanent resolution yet.