Microsoft Update downloading older AMD display driver & replacing/corrupting newer installed drivers

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Not sure if anyone else is facing the same issue. When I am trying to update my Windows 10 it is downloading a 2019 AMD display driver version 25.20.14136.1002 (image-DriverIssue.jpg) through the automatic update. So, there is no way of stopping it other than disabling updates altogether.


What this results in is a corrupt Adrenalin software, which was working perfectly fine before the update happened. I will then have to go ahead uninstall the AMD Radeon driver completely and install the latest version again after downloading from the AMD website. And on the next Windows update, this driver suggestion appears again and likewise, it's a repetitive process. As can be seen here (image-AMDversion.jpg) my current driver is up-to-date with the one available at the AMD website but still, Windows automatic update is suggesting to me an older AMD driver (image-DriverIssue.jpg).


Currently, I am on the latest Windows build (image-OSuild2004.jpg) and have installed all automatic updates until now. Which includes the removal of Windows updated driver and reinstallation of the latest AMD driver as available. This issue had been recurring with previous versions of AMD display drivers as well as with Windows 10 build 1909, to which I was suggested by Microsoft support to update to build 2004!


Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.




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I had this problem for a period of time with Intel graphic card driver, what I did was I went to device installation settings in Windows 10, turned it off, restarted PC, installed up to date version of my GPU driver downloaded from manufacturer website, and then Windows update no longer offered me the old version anymore.

after that, you can turn back on the option you previously turned off.

make sure you are using the latest version of Windows 10 too (right now it's 20H2)