Microsoft Store: this app has been blocked due the company policy


Hi everyone


In our organisation, we have limited the apps that can be installed via the Microsoft Store. For some time now, users have been receiving an error message:


"This app has been blocked due to the company policy".


2021-11-26 07_12_50-Microsoft Store.png


However, the app can still be installed.


What could be the reason for this? Or where can I start troubleshooting?


Windows 10 - Version 21H1 - OS Build 19043.1348
Microsoft Store - Version 22110.1401.17.0


"Reset" and "Repair" has had no effect.

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It seems most appropriate to contact Microsoft Store Support:

Contact Microsoft Store Support

How are you manging them?
Are you using Intune?
How you set the policy?
Sometimes it might take some times before the policy get enforced.
Have you tried restarting the client?
we manage the apps directly in the store. there we have the apps on the whitelist.
which policy should apply, since the apps are managed directly in the store?
Regards, simuuh
In this case, I would recommend you to contact the Microsoft Support and since this is a cloud service they could help you the best.
However, as a workaround you may try use AppLocker and create whitelist of trusted app and block the other or create a black list.