Microsoft Defender firewall list of allowed apps and functions

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Dear community

My game League of Legends, it is not on the Microsoft Defender firewall list of allowed apps and functions, and yet I can play it. All my other games is on the list. This is the case on both my laptop and main PC.

How can this be?
Have I somehow granted it access some other way?

Thanks in advance for replying

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I play online games but never had to manually add any of them to the firewall, because games can add themselves to the firewall exception list (if run with admin rights) and also use UPnP to navigate through router NAT.

not all games do that so you need to manually do it for some of them.
in Firewall Advanced settings of Windows, you can check inbound/outbound list of allowed connections and add/delete them.


also, Windows questions belong in here:


I looked in Firewall Advanced settings of Windows, on both the inbound/outbound list of allowed connections. I read them through several times. No listing of Riot or League of Legends, how can that be?

Thanks again

Maybe listed as a different name