Microsoft abandoned Windows Embedded in favor of IoT, but why abandoning developers too?




There still are many-many Windows Embedded and CE based devices out there in the industrial field. HMIs, BCRs, and so on - it still is a great platform for some purposes. I also have some active projects for Windows Compact Embedded 7. For some understandable reasons in the past, embedded development was bound to specific Visual Studio editions. WinCE 7 is bound to Visual Studo 2008... for ethernity. Not nice at all, but at least it works. Worked, to be more precise.


I have just faced the fact that the packages needed to be installed to get a fresh VS2008 installation do the WinCE workload are not available anymore. Enywhere! All external sites directed to Microsoft support download pages, and they are all dead. Just try to follow the steps described here, and you will soon see some nice pages just like this:


I am sad and dissapointed. Microsoft had abandoned a whole market, which is business decision - but leting developers still on that market wihtout even such a minimal support is something I can't understand.

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