Media Creation Tool Stops without completion

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I need to refresh Win installation. Windows update will not run and I have read all I could find and preformed all steps but it still will not run and there are other problems.  When I run Media Installation Tool from a stick or a CD I get message that installation was stopped in the Safe OS phase.  One error is 0x800704.  StetupDiag also will not run so I cannot see what driver may be interfering.  Read everything on the subject and followed all steps I could find.  I also got error 0xc1900101 when install stopped in Safe phase of media installation. I have been working on this for two weeks and simply cannot make any progress.  Windows update still will not run.  If anyone can help me I would be so very grateful

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Run a full scan with your anti-virus software to detect and remove any malware that might be interfering with the installation process.