mDNS - Windows 10 - resolving sub.domain.local

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We have a custom IOT design and want to publish the device/services via mDNS .

It runs avahi for mDNS publish on a Linux OS.

Linux clients can easily resolve sub.domain.local , however Windows 10 with Bonjour installed can only do domain.local (no more than 2 levels). This limitation likely comes from Bonjour itself.


Firstly are there any other mDNS resolvers other than Bonjour for Windows 10.

What are the best ways to ensure windows 10 clients can resolve / ping sub.domain.local  ? this is important as plan to have HTTPS connections to the IOT device from Windows 10 clients.

Are there any development / libs that we can customize for Windows 10 as a mDNS resolver and install on client PC's for seemless interaction with IOT (We dont want to edit hosts file and provide an OOBE experience to Windows 10 users.)

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