MBR2GPT Disk layout validation failed - Last partition too close to the end of the disk.

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I am trying to convert my drive from MBR to GPT as I am trying to enable AMD's smart access memory. However, when attempting to use the MBR2GPT tool in cmd, it reads:


validate disk error message.png


My setupact file reads the following:


ESP partition size will be 104857600
Info MBR2GPT: Validating layout, disk sector size is: 512 bytes
Error ValidateLayout: Last partition too close to the end of the disk. Should end at offset 1000204869120 or below, found at 1000204886016

Error Disk layout validation failed for disk 1


These are the disk's partitions as seen from disk management:


disk manager info.png


The error message suggests that the last partition should be shrunk, as it ends "too close to the end of the disk." However, the last partition is the recovery partition, which the disk management application will not allow me to shrink.


I have tried shrinking the (C:) partition in the middle by 200mb, 500mb, 2gb, and even 16gb. None of these changed the error message at all.


I have spent hours searching for a solution, or even just more information about this specific message and how people have fixed it, but unfortunately I have only seen people fix it by shrinking their partition, which hasn't worked for me.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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