Mark updates as necessary or additional in a comprehensible manner

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Such a designation
I think it would be very helpful and at the same time necessary, or additional information given before downloading the Windows 10 Update to understand how important the update is and what the temporary suspension of the installation will mean! Please suggestions and feedback on this interesting topic, which due to misinformation is the cause of many errors and frustrations of users! Thank you.

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Hello. I just read in which the user wants explanations in MTC why not install one of the update pacts on the device Win.1809, and on the others in the build Win, 1909 has no problem with the update - this example confirms that many users deliberately do not download updates for Windows for fear of error, and as a result it leads to another error!
This confirms that there must be a clear recommendation to introduce the required and additional updates such division is necessary!
Please write your comments. Welcome!