Local account changed after connecting the Microsoft account

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In Windows 10 computer, I used, Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.

Windows 10 has a Local Account Administrator with a profile picture.


After sign in with Microsoft account, Windows login account is same as Microsoft account name.

Moreover, local profile picture removed.


Now I removed Microsoft sign in.

Local Account Administrator returned back but it lost the profile picture and its password.


Is it possible, even signing in with Microsoft account,

Windows login account should be Local Account Administrator with its profile picture?


If yes, let me know, how to do it?


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Hi @NndnG ,

unfortunately with Windows 10 you can't do that with personal Microsoft account. However, with Windows 11 it is possible. 


This is how you can do this with Windows 11 in case you need it. Instead of clicking Next, you click on Microsoft apps only.