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loading windows 10 on SSD

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i hv desktop computer with HDD. On C: drive, windows 10 64 bits is loaded. Many software files are also in programmes files folder in C:. I would like to install SSD and reload windows 10 on it and rename the drive as C:. BIOS will be changed to boot from C:. (SSD drive). The old C: drive will be renamed as F:.My question is do i need to reload all the softwares (run the .exe files of softwares again) and load them in C:?  Or can all the softwares be run from F:?

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there are 3rd party software that can do this but I'd suggest reinstall Windows clean on the new SSD drive. format it as GPT if your BIOS/UEFI is new and supports it, and install programs again.
not all programs need reinstall, some of them will work, but some of them will need a reinstall.
all UWP apps also need a reinstall of course.