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License Issues:Issue Update

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Hello All,


A while ago i've updated free from my windows 7 to the windows 10 update.  Now a few days ago my laptop crashed and i've had to go to repair and go to a recovery date.


Now the problem is that ever since it's asking me to activate my Windows. But in the emails i've received from windows i can't see any license number and i can't find the box of my windows 7.


And if you should wonder yes it was a legit version before because otherwise i couldn't receive the windows 10 update(got the emails to prove it :-))




after some trying around i've also noticed several other issues


  • Even though i'm logged in as the administrator i can't do any changes in System32 folder
  • Software protection services won't start, it says that access is denied
  • i've tried a clean re-installation but this aborted by itself midway so also here no improved...



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please use the link below to find out how to troubleshoot your license issue and find your product key