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I created a desktop shortcut to open the Windows 10 mail app. I opened the shortcut's properties and clicked on the shortcut tab. In the "Shortcut key" field I typed CTRL-ALT-M and then APPLY and OK. The result works but the problem is: When I double click the Mail icon on the desktop, the mail app opens immediately. When I type CTRL-ALT-M from the keyboard, the app takes between 2 to 4 seconds to open. How can I speed up the keyboard Shortcut Key (brand new Logitech 910 Orion Spectrum) so that the app opens just as fast as if I double clicked the desktop icon?

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No idea why it does that, but I love Autohotkey for managing all my keyboard shortcuts. Just use that

this, after a lot of reading on how to use Autohotket, works well.