KB5017380 Breaks RemoteApp

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I installed KB5017380 on a brand new machine to bring it up to date. When it came time to set up RemoteApp, I entered an URL to my RemoteApp server and got an error that said "An error occurred. Please contact your Administrator." (paraphrased).


No information was given in Event Viewer or anywhere else. I have several other machines and they work just fine, although has no KB5017380 installed.


Googled for an answer and very few came up. In fact, only 2 article came up and they both pointed the problem to KB5017380. I then uninstalled that, rebooted, and tried RemoteApp again. RemoteApp now works!


You've been warned. This update breaks RemoteApp, or at least won't let you set up new RemoteApp connections. I hope Microsoft pulls this out and fix it before returning it back into the updates. I'm posting that information here to hopefully save you hours figuring out why you can no longer create new RemoteApp connections. Good luck!




John Babbitt

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Of course it is an optional update. However, I wasn't expecting installing that optional update to break RemoteApp. I'm posting a warning here not to install that if anyone is using RemoteApp.

If anyone is experiencing issues with RemoteApp and had already installed this KB5017380 (or the equivalence KB for Windows 11; mine was for Windows 10), just uninstall it and it'll work fine.


Since this is a "preview", I'm hoping Microsoft fixes this before putting that into the mandatory update.