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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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KB5000842 fails to install

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Hello Everybody ! I am getting an error for installing update KB5000842 Windows 10 version 20H2. I have no idea how to fix the issue. I have troubleshooted windows update but it wasn't of any help. I have made 6 consecutive attempts to install KB5000842 but fails t every time. I am looking for your kind help 

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Same issue for me too, even downloading and installing manually didn't help.
I did find this from MS which shows you how to install the SSU part manually to get around the issue. I'm still trying to figure if it's worked out.
1. (to extract the cab file from the manual msu file)
2. (for the CAB file installation steps)
Indeed it is and Irony is that , that Microsoft is sitting quit and hasn't yet updated regarding the issue. Lemme know when the issue is fixed. Thanks
Same issue for me. I'm seeing error 0x80070002 when trying to install on Win10 OS build 19043.844. I've tried to download the update directly from but that also fails.
Yes So far no good news from any direction....
Failing for me as well (error 0x8007000d), I've also tried installing manually, and that cancels. I've been seeing failed updates for several months now. It's not very pretty.
We have to wait when Microsoft re-release the same update


I have the same issues, i tried to extract cab files from msu update package (downloaded from windows catalog) but nothing work's 

it give's a 0x80073701 – ERROR_SXS_ASSEMBLY_MISSING

MS online chat advise patch to fix this will be released on 13th April. In the meantime, they suggest pause updates till then. @Jauhar 

@Mikementions2270 Thanks for the sharing the news with me dear :)
We better wait for their final call :)
Thanks for sharing

As I am one of those referred to below, and this issue started when I became an "insiders' subscriber, its reasonable that I share the following from a friend who is computer savvy : "

I know that MS intended the Insiders program to be for people that were computer savvy to assist in testing of preview updates (as this was) and provide feedback.  Most of the people that are members are either not the least bit computer savvy or totally incapable of providing considered feedback.  Hopefully you’re not going to get any more of these updates, but if you see anything that is ‘Preview’ or ‘Beta’ show up, I’d strongly suggest you uninstall it."


This is not an insider issue, I'm not on the insiders program.

My friend did not get this update. I assume it was an option offered as a preview in your case? If so, that would explain why he didnt get it, as he does not take previews or optional updates.

@DeadStack Yes me too , I haven't subscribed yet to early versions via insider but things have happened bad to me as well 

well, its more widespread than we thought. And MS take so long to fix it. Without a care for the annoyance its caused......................
Yep Mike you're right. It is annoying actually

I tried every solution (dism , sfc...) but nothing work's.
Finally i downloaded a win 10 iso file, after that i procced with windows installation using the 1st option (Keep apps and files), this option is reserved for errors that can't be fixed with a sfc scan or dism cmds, it fixed the errors and missing files, after the installation, the update went successfully.

P.S. The preferred way to download the windows, is to use the media creation tool and choose the option save iso.

Hello Everyone! I have a query: if your computers worked badly before the failed attempts to install KB5000842 if there were problems with the operation earlier then why do you make another request for aktalization, which is optional! Your problem stems from a misunderstanding that tp is the decision of the administrator because it will not automatically be installed - so after unsuccessful attempts unnecessarily try again! Update Windows updates automatically and 2 method is a manual initialization if it fails do not try because the reasons can be very much and it is not worth worrying about waiting for your feedback! Thanks