Issue when PSExec + Tasklist

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As you know, the NTVDM is an emulator to run 16bit app on Windows 32bit

My Test.bat (as mininmal) is:


for /F "tokens=1,2" %%i in ('tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq NTVDM.EXE" /fo table /nh') do set pid=%%j
tasklist.exe /v | find /i "%PID%" > Tasklist.txt


After run test.bat on my PC, the Tasklist.txt contains the correct value:

ntvdm.exe 3484 Console 1 24.896 K Running PESA\user 0:00:05 SILVA

Where SILVA is the 16bit module name.


If I execute test.bat with PSExec \\xx.xx.xx.xx -u user -p yyyy, I found in Tasklist.txt an incorrect content like this:

ntvdm.exe 3484 Console 1 24.900 K Unknown PESA\user 0:00:05 N/D

As you can see the 16bit module name (SILVA) is loss !!


Some suggestion?


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