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I recently had to reinstall the beta because the last update prevented Edge from connecting to anything. Today I notice errors in the Event Log related to not being able to find the CLSID for a profiler for .NET. I identified that Stackify was registered as a profiler. Since I had tried Stackify a year or so ago I assume this was hold over stuff so I started removing it. However I then noticed that Stackify is actually installed on my machine, but not visible in Add/Remove Programs.


Then I went and looked in the env vars and for my local account Stackify is configured and profiling is enabled for .NET. It is disabled in the System settings. 


Problem 1 - Why is Stackify being installed without my permission and being used as the .NET profiler when I already have Visual Studio or another tool installed. Furthermore is this negatively impacting all my .NET apps since it is registered as the .NET Profiler at the env variable level?

Problem 2 - Why is the installer not properly installing Stackify, if it is needed, such that I don't get error log entries in Event Log every time the browser starts up?

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It's a Windows (10?) problem, you need to post it in its dedicated community forum:

@HotCakeXHow exactly is installing MS Edge Beta and a question being about what it installs related to Windows 10? This question is specifically asking about the use of Stackify in Edge Beta.

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Your question is mostly about Stackify
(I think you are referring to this? )
and its behavior in your operation system, I assume you'll find better and faster answers on Windows 10 forum.


with that said,


to answer your question: no, Edge insider Beta does Not automatically install Stackify nor does it contain any other 3rd party software with it.

@Michael Taylor Thanks for the question. I moved this to the Windows 10 forum, upon approval of the Edge Insiders forum moderator, which should get you better visibility for this particular question. 

@Eric Starkerthanks but this question was specifically about Edge Beta (not Windows) and Stackify (the installation therein, not the product). Irrelevant I have uninstalled Stackify and Edge Beta and I'm moving on.

@Michael Taylor Okay! Sorry to hear if it's not what you had in mind. I was told to move it by the admin of that community.