Is it possible to create restore points in another disk using the task scheduler?


Looking in the options on the task scheduler, I realize I can to specificity where it can create the restore point, I don't know if I can to specificity in "start in" the disk that I want to create the restore points, so is possible to do it?

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I went see the restore point command and I shouldn't to give separate commands like cd f: (the disk that you prefer) and -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "Checkpoint-Computer -Description \"My Restore Point Startup\" -RestorePointType \"MODIFY_SETTINGS\"", because when it executes one of these commands, it forgets I gave that command, and it executes the second command, but isn't that I want, and when I try to execute the two commands together, happen an error, because I need to execute one specify command, someone has idea what command is it? 

Observation: How I never can create the restore point on my extra disk, it doesn't have any restore point

I tested it without cd on the task and functioned, and the best of this is the task scheduler create two restore points on the two disks, but unfortunately, the most of the restore point space is created on the main disk (disk that have an OS installed)