Interesting mstsc failures

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I have a VM hosted on ESXi running Windows 10 dev insider edition. I will call this host s1.

I have a physical laptop running Windows 10 beta insider edition. I will call this host c1.


After the last update (or might have been 1 or 2 before that), I noticed that RDP sessions from c1 to m1 established by using mstsc from the command line would suddenly disconnect after about 1 to 1.5 minutes of connectivity. I ascribed this to issue on m1 (the rdp host), and did various updates, GPO edits etc. Nothing was getting recorded in the event logs.


Then, as a test, I RDP'ed into m1 from a Linux laptop and noticed that did not have the problem. After this, I RDP'ed into m1 from c1 again but this time I used rdcman. I noticed that the problem does not exist when using rdcman.


I am not too familiar with the internals of rdcman and had assumed it was using mstsc behind the scenes. Apparently not. Has anyone seen this type of situation where mstsc would lost connections suddenly while rdcman (or other rdp clients such as on linux etc.) would be fine?




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