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Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)

Insider Build install forgets Display settings

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When installing a new Insider Build the installation process forgets the settings for my displays (2).  Since the Creators Update every build de-activates my second screen. Every time have to go into Nvidia Control panel and then re-activate the screen.  The crazy thing is that both GTX1080 cards are recognized by Device manager yet the screens get turned off. 

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I'll pass this feedback along to the Windows Insider team. Please also submit it through Feedback Hub as it can then be upvoted by anyone encountering a similar issue.

I hope MS does not base the decision to fix issues solely on the number of upvotes. Not every user who experiences an issue will take the time to see if there is an issue there that needs upvoting.