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I made a big problem from a small problem

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This is going to be a long text. Soo, it all started around 10 hours ago. I was uninstalling some programs from my pc that I thought were not neccesary. While I was uninstalling Radeon software (I thought it was not neccesary and I deleted it many times before with no problems) When uninstallment finished my screen froze. I thought it was nothing serious. I rebooted it again but to my suprise something new came. My desktop was not reacting in any form and only my taskbar was working. But listen to this. Desktop was fully empty and didnt respond and litteraly everything that I tried to run (Google,Task Manager etc.) Did not respomd because of the desktop. (For some reason only Rakuten Viber for desktop worked) I tried restarting it many times but nothing happened. Then I launched it in safe mode with console so I can try and fix it sfc scan. It fixed some corrupted files but after it finished my desktop still didnt respond and the problem was not fixed. I also tried to revert it back but only avaible dates were the current day and some date in 2019. I tried for the current day but still nothing, it didnt work. My last stand was changing it back to 2019 date but then something new happened. Safe mode cant even run now! When I try to run the safe mode, it just gives me a BSOD and an "Attempting Repairs" session which will probably last forever. So yeah. My last stand is to give it a total reset and to keep my Hard drive somewhere safe so I dont lose my files. To clarify. Other advanced options, restarting PC without launching safe mode for it is not avaible. Because it asks me for a password that I dont even know exists. I also have important things to do tommorow and any kind of help will really be appriciated, I am really limited on time.
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