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I have an open ticket with Intel-I've posted it here-extremely frustrated Windows 10 user

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Dear Intel people, I am also going to post this directly into the Microsoft Community Forums - just so you know.

I have been using/configuring/maintaining and troubleshooting Winblows, Linux and Unix Operating Systems since Windows 95 was but a baby. I have NEVER in my 37 years of IT seen something as crude, unstable and NOT ready for public release as the "feature update" to Windows 10 2004.

It is, without a doubt the MOST pathetic, beta release of any Operating System, software or driver that's been release in all that time. Since the release of Winblows 10 I have implemented no less than 4 backup locations, one of which is offline, simply because MS can no longer be trusted to delivery a clock software much less a whole Operating System.

I set my feature updates to 365 days for a reason. This time I figured - it's been four months, surely MS has worked out all the beta bugs of their "Public Release" by now. I was TOTALLY wrong and will not do this again.

I don't really blame MS for this, I know they're mostly incompetent when it comes to feature updates, I blame myself for breaking the golden 365 day rule.

I am beginning to hate Microsoft with a passion normally reserved for love making!!
OK - With the above frustration out of the way, lets move back to a more professional attitude.

I am using Intel Memory and Storage Tool ver. 1.2.79 (most recent as of today).
I cannot optimize my 665p NvME drive, all other functions SEEM to be working as expected
I have installed Windows 2004 Build - 19041.508
When I check the driver in use on the NvME it states:
Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 2006-06-21 (a 14 year old driver - ffs MS has gone absolutely crazy)
Driver Version: 10.0.19041.1
Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows

This is obviously NOT ideal and I am trying to install the actual Intel driver for my NvME found here:

I have tried a manual install via: - which resulted in Winblows telling the BEST driver is already installed.
I have tried installing via: Setup_NVME.exe - which resulted in your install program telling no supported devices were found

I have searched using Windows Update and no new drivers found because apparently that driver from 2006 is the BEST one to be used.

Dear Intel tech support, please help me get the proer driver for your wi=onderful peice of hardware installed into this piece of crapola Operating System I like to loving refer to as Winblows 10.

Thank You.


Microsoft, I would like to inform you that Intel has a driver release for their lovely piece of hardware dated June-2020 so your driver, which I am being FORCED to use by your Winblows Operating System is NOT the best driver available and is in fact, at 14 years old, most likely the absolutely worst driver available.

I just thought someone should let you know because apparently you beleive you are correct in all matters on Winblows and this is clearly NOT the case.


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