I can't change insider channel anymore

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I have participated in the Windows Insider program for many years, and I have always been able to change between channels whenever I wanted. I usually use the following update strategy: I keep Windows on the Release Preview Channel and keep up with the news on the Windows Insider blog every week to see what's new on the Dev channel, and then when I see that there is really enough new and interesting things I switch to the Dev channel, update Windows and then I go back to the Release channel.
However, since build 21382 it doesn't matter which channel I choose on this screen shown above, Windows automatically returns to the Dev channel.


Has there been a change in the Windows Insider program policy and now it is no longer possible to change channels?

The interim solution I found is to change these three dates to a very distant date in the future, to postpone the automatic updates until the date arrives or until when I click to resume the updates.



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Hello Spelunky,
You can move from Release Preview channel to Beta Channel, then from Beta to Dev Channel.
But if you would like to move from Dev Channel back to Beta Channel the only way is to perform clean install.
It looks like it still requires deregistration from the Dev channel. not to receive updates - please write how you solved it will be very helpful to others if you give us more information - thank you very much!


I tried a bunch of stuff, including both bcdedit commands and reboot. However, what worked for me was to download the Beta level ISO from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windowsinsiderpreviewiso. I picked the beta as I was on the Release Preview before and the interface would not let me change it, and none of the reg hacks would work. An hour later and I'm up and running on Build 22.000r210604-1628 and stable/happy


link not working


You will probably be able to lower the Insider program channel - without a clean installation of Win...

For now, it is not yet known when it will be possible, but it would be easier for many users