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Hyper-V Not Work In Build 1809

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I was Enable Hyper V On Windows Feature, CMD,PowerShell and BIos, and i was Uncheck CFG on WIndows Defender but Hyper V stil wont running and show 64bit Virtual machine how can i solved it?? anyone knows what problem and how to fix it? i very need this featureOracle VM VirtualBox Manager 3_15_2019 8_57_27 AM.pngqq.PNG

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Hi @Dadanhamdan 

What bit version of Windows 10 1809 are you running on the host PC, 32-bit or 64-bit? If 32-bit then you can not install 64-bit OS in a VM.


Also, you don't need to install/enable Hyper-V on your host PC if you are going to use VirtualBox to create virtual machines. You can use VirtualBox OR Hyper-V - neither is a requirement of the other.


Hyper-V is Windows own virtualisation platform, basically another virtualisation program in competition  to VirtualBox.