How to self analyze computer blue screens?

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My job involves importance, so I cannot let others handle it (even if I provide a dump file). I have already asked in the Microsoft community, "How do I handle a blue screen on my computer? - Microsoft Community," and they asked me to come here to inquire
Can you please teach me how to analyze computer blue screens on my own or provide me with a tutorial on analyzing computer blue screens (I need a detailed tutorial)

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If you've recently installed new hardware or updated drivers, try disabling these changes to see if they resolve the issue.
Hello, I need a self analysis method instead of a solution for this blue screen issue
Several years ago I wrote an article about that: you can find it at
Hello, I have looked at your article and it is very detailed. It is similar to the tutorial I obtained in the Microsoft support community. However, whether it is your article or the article in the Microsoft support community, I have a question. After finding the file that caused the blue screen, how can I accurately and quickly know what it is? There is too much information on the network, so I cannot accurately obtain the correct information