How to restrict admin rights on Windows 10 Azure AD/Office 365 joined machine?

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Hi all, I just joined a new W10 Pro laptop to Azure AD by logging into the laptop with my Office 365 email address. It asked me to setup a pin for Windows 10 Hello. 


However I'm automatically an admin and I wanted to know how can I remove myself as an admin. I tried setting up a local account as admin and then logged in as that and removed my AzureAD user account from the "administrators" group in "local users and groups" but still have admin rights when I log in under my office 365 account.

I also went into Windows 10 account settings and set my account type to standard (signed out and back in) and I can still install apps and open cmd as admin with no admin prompt. Anyone know how I can remove admin rights?




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@Salvatore Biscari 


He is asking how to remove local admin from his account as he added the computer to AAD and you posting your blog post promotion which has nothing to do with it. very bad.