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How to fix QuickBooks desktop 2023 keeps shutting down after update?

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Troubleshooting Solutions : QuickBooks desktop 2023 keeps shutting down


Experiencing frequent QuickBooks desktop 2023 keeps shutting down can be frustrating and hinder your productivity. However, several troubleshooting steps can help identify and resolve the underlying issues causing these shutdowns.


1. Update QuickBooks Desktop: Ensure you have the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop 2023 installed. Developers often release updates to address bugs and improve stability. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop to download and install any available updates.

2. Verify System Requirements: Check if your computer meets the minimum system requirements for running QuickBooks Desktop 2023. Inadequate hardware or outdated software can lead to performance issues and unexpected shutdowns. Refer to the QuickBooks support website to review the system requirements for your version.

3. Inspect Event Viewer Logs: Review the Event Viewer logs on your computer to identify any system errors or warnings related to QuickBooks Desktop shutdowns. Open Event Viewer by pressing Windows key + R, typing "eventvwr.msc" in the Run dialog, and pressing Enter. Look for critical or error events under Windows Logs > Application.

4. Disable Antivirus or Security Software: Occasionally, antivirus or security software can mistakenly flag QuickBooks Desktop processes as threats, leading to unexpected shutdowns. Temporarily disable your antivirus or security software and check if the issue persists. If the shutdowns stop, add QuickBooks Desktop to the software's exceptions list.

5. Clean Company File: A corrupted or damaged company file can cause QuickBooks Desktop to shut down unexpectedly. Use the Verify Data utility to check for data integrity issues and the Rebuild Data tool to fix them. Navigate to the File menu, select Utilities, and then Verify Data. Follow the prompts to repair any detected issues.

6. Check for Data Damage: Utilize the File Doctor tool, a built-in feature of QuickBooks Desktop, to diagnose and repair data damage that may be causing the shutdowns. Download and run the File Doctor tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub, available on the Intuit website. Follow the on-screen instructions to scan and repair your company file.

7. Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop: If none of the above solutions resolve the issue, consider performing a clean reinstall of QuickBooks Desktop. Uninstall the software completely from your computer, including all associated files and settings. Then, download the latest version from the Intuit website and reinstall it. Ensure you back up your company file before reinstalling.

8. Contact QuickBooks Support: If you're still experiencing shutdowns after trying the troubleshooting steps, reach out to QuickBooks support for further assistance. They can provide personalized guidance and additional troubleshooting steps to effectively address the issue.


By following these troubleshooting solutions, you can identify and resolve the underlying issues QuickBooks desktop 2023 keeps shutting down unexpectedly. Restoring stability to your accounting software will help minimize disruptions and ensure smooth workflow continuity.


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