how to do I stop repeated notifications sound"

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Started a couple weeks ago. I timed it, seem like very 9 seconds. 
I tried steps 2 on this page: Constant notification sound on Windows 10?! D: - Microsoft Community

no change
I tried step three, but the log means nothing to me lol
for the first one, I dont have the option of "playing  audio" mentioned on step 4. 

running windows 10 build: 19043.1466


Any ideas?


this is driving me crazy!

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@askingthings  Hi

of course, this is not a solution but you can check the possibility of lowering the sound to 10% for the application in the advanced sound settings of the device.
It will definitely be less disturbing - write if it works for you.

By offending app, of you mean individual app causing the notification sound, no, i don't know which one is causing it. That's the problem


Find this place : settings > system > Sound > preferences for device app volume, I have lowered to 3% - this is enough for all applications for me