how to do I stop repeated notifications sound"

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Started a couple weeks ago. I timed it, seem like very 9 seconds. 
I tried steps 2 on this page: Constant notification sound on Windows 10?! D: - Microsoft Community

no change
I tried step three, but the log means nothing to me lol
for the first one, I dont have the option of "playing  audio" mentioned on step 4. 

running windows 10 build: 19043.1466


Any ideas?


this is driving me crazy!

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@askingthings  Hi

of course, this is not a solution but you can check the possibility of lowering the sound to 10% for the application in the advanced sound settings of the device.
It will definitely be less disturbing - write if it works for you.

By offending app, of you mean individual app causing the notification sound, no, i don't know which one is causing it. That's the problem


Find this place : settings > system > Sound > preferences for device app volume, I have lowered to 3% - this is enough for all applications for me


this actually worked for me. No idea what's causing still but its stopped me going mad!
As you mentioned, you tried step 3, but the log didn't make sense to you. You can try to interpret the log or seek assistance from someone who's familiar with Event Viewer logs. Alternatively, you can try to clear the log or disable Event Viewer altogether.