How print all files in folder and sub folders?

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Is there a way to print all files (mainly PDFs) conatined within a folder and its sub folders with one command? It would be a tedious task having to open every file individually in order to then print it using "cmd+P" and close it again.


Thank you for any tip and advice!

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run this command in the folder, it will print only PDF files


dir *.pdf /s > printoutput.txt


run this if you want to print all files


dir > printoutput.txt



thank you very much! What I need is not a file containing all the file names but I need the files to be physically (i.e. on paper) printed out in our network attached printer... Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you!


Right-click on the text file and select "Print"



Rightclicking on every file and selecting "Print" would take far too long. I would like to find some way to automate this process and not having to manually click on every file. I rather would like to have some batch file which completes the task of printing out all PDFs in a folder as well as all PDFs in potential sub folders without me having to do this manually. Is there a way/command to do this?