How do I set Photo app to open .webp files?

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Through the two paths I know of to change default file type apps there is no way to set the photo app to open a file type. 

Can Microsoft please sort this out so that we can open new image types - like webp - with the app that we want. And why is the photo app hidden?

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Agreed. Even with the WebP photo extension installed, it's still not possible to choose the Photos app for opening WebP images.


You have this one installed @DeadStack?

@DeadStack omg how is this not a thing already!?



its because photo is not a executable, its a dll file.


"C:\Program Files\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll"


utterly moronic ms bs

The executable is actually in the WindowsApp > Microsoft.Windows.Photos, welp but it still didn't work @windows11sux 



looks like theres 2 photo apps.  the one i mentioned is the old one from a previous version of window that requires a registry hack to make it work.


the one in windowsapp is the one from windows store, if you set the folder permissions so that you can view the folder, you can just manually associate the .webp file with the executable.



The last answer does not answer why in Settings the user can choose Photo App (Store App) for .PNG , why not for .webp.

I give up, I'm just gonna convert the webp files instead of possibly bricking my pc by messing with the windowsapps folder permissions.  These annoying little bugs with Win 11 are getting me pissed.