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How do I recover deleted whatsapp audio from Android phone on computer?

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I accidentally deleted WhatsApp audio files from my Android device, some of them are very important to me, and I am frantically trying to find a way to recover them, but so far no progress has been made, the methods recommended online are strange to me, I am not a tech person, I have a working Windows 10 computer at home, hopefully it will help.

How do I recover deleted whatsapp audio from Android phone (on Windows 10 computer)?

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Did you removed them when you connect your phone to PC or did you directly removed them from Android.
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When WhatsApp audio files are deleted, they are not immediately removed from the memory of your device; instead, they are marked as replaceable by new data. This means that if you act quickly, you have a good chance of recovering these files before they are overwritten.


The first step in attempting to recover deleted WhatsApp audio files is to check the WhatsApp voice note folder in your device's internal storage. This can be accessed using a file manager app; typically, the path is Internal Storage/WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Voice Notes. Sometimes, files that appear to be deleted from within the app are still present in this folder.


If the files are not in the aforementioned folder, the next step is to use a professional data recovery tool. These tools scan your device's storage to find and recover data that has not yet been overwritten. Examples of such software include Dr. Fone, EaseUS MobiSaver, and DiskDigger for Android. It's important to select a tool that specifically supports Android systems and to follow the instructions carefully to maximize the chances of recovery.



Got it, When I faced this exact issue, Here's what I did to recover deleted WhatsApp audio from Android phone to my computer, without any fancy software.


Check WhatsApp Backup: If you've got WhatsApp set up to back up your chats and media to Google Drive, you might be in luck. WhatsApp usually backs up your chats daily, so if your audio files were backed up before you deleted them, you can recover deleted WhatsApp audio from Android easily.

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  • Go to Settings > Chats > Chat backup.
  • Check the date of the latest backup. If it's after you deleted the audio files, you're good to go.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone (temporarily), reinstall it, and during the setup process, it should prompt you to restore your chat history from Google Drive.

Check Device Storage: Sometimes, even after you delete files from your phone, they might still be lingering around in the device storage, waiting to be overwritten. Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB and explore its storage like you would any other external drive. Navigate to the WhatsApp folder, then to Media > WhatsApp Audio. Check if your deleted audio files are still there. If they are, simply copy them to your computer.


Recycle Bin: Believe it or not, Android phones have a sort of "Recycle Bin" feature too. When you delete files from your phone, they often end up in a hidden folder called "Trash" or "Deleted" before they're permanently wiped from the device. Connect your Android phone to your computer, enable "Show hidden files" in your file explorer settings, and search for these folders in your phone's storage. You might just find your deleted audio files sitting there, waiting to be rescued.

Alright, so let me walk you through the process of using Androidphonesoft Android data recovery software to recover deleted whatsapp audio from Android phone on computer.

First things first, grab your Android device and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure to enable USB debugging on your phone if you haven't already. If you're not sure how to do that, a quick Google search should guide you through it. Once your phone is connected, fire up the Android data recovery software on your computer.

Now, the software will detect your device and give you a list of different file types to recover. Since we're after WhatsApp audio, make sure to select that option specifically. Then hit the "Scan" button and let the magic happen. The software will scour through your phone's storage, hunting down any trace of those deleted audio files.

Once the scan is complete, you'll be presented with a list of recoverable files. Hopefully, you'll spot your missing WhatsApp audio messages in there. Go ahead and select them, then hit the "Recover" button to recover deleted whatsapp audio from Android phone. Choose a safe location on your computer to save the recovered files, and voila! Your precious audio messages are back from the digital graveyard.