How do I create a popup reminder that will display a message?


There's something I need to remind myself of, every time I log into Windows 10 on my work desktop. Today I got into Task Scheduler to create a task, to remind me of this, every time I logged into Windows. Things were going along well, until I tried to chose a trigger. I wanted to have it popup a window every time I logged into Windows, but it says it is deprecated. I tried to go further, in hopes that it still might work. But it doesn't.


So, how do I create a reminder that I'll see in a popup window every time I log into my Windows 10 work desktop, when it Task Scheduler won't let me do that?

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You can set a logon message using Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on policy setting which will display your custom message (you can configure your reminder as its text) each time logon attempted.  You can find that policy in Local Security Policy editor snap-in at Security Settings > Local Policies > Security Options.


See if that helps you!

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@Kapil Arya this looks very promising! However, when I went into Interactive login: Message text for users attempting to log on I found that there was already text there, from my employer. This leads me to believe it likely that text is being assigned by a GPO. If that's possible, then could it be I can't set that text? (i.e.: the GPO will overwrite it)

Okay, it looks like your system is part of domain. To set the policy setting at local or user level, you need to disconnect from your organization. 



@Kapil Arya Disconnect from my organization? I value my job too much to disconnect from my organizaton.

@Rod Falanga In that case, unfortunately, you can't set the policy locally as it is already set by your organization. You need to consult with IT admin regarding this.