How can we remove the "Fit picture to frame" default in Windows Print Pictures

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I have several users that Print dozens of Pictures per day and each time they open the Windows Print Pictures wizard, they have to UNCHECK the "Fit picture to frame" otherwise the file does not print the complete document. Is there a way to turn off "Fit picture to frame" by default. A registry edit???   I have seen a lot of posts with this same request (dating back to Windows XP) but I cannot find a resolution in any of the posts. 

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I suggest you to don't use mouse while printing images because it may delay your work. Go with shortcut key- Alt+F. It will save your time. Besides that, i dont find any other way to change the default setting and if any, let me know with your replies friends.

Is there a purpose to using Alt-F? It doesn't change the "Fit picture to frame" issue here. This is totally useless information.
I am not finding any way to default "Fit picture to frame" to not be checked.
This is another Microsoft feature to waste user time and consumables. I ussed this for the first time and printed a number of photos with this box checked. I did not realize this happened because the normal expectation is to "Fit to page" not truncate.